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Dan Wright

Storyteller | Content Writer | Digital Marketer

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Hi there, pleased to meet you!

Stories are undeniably powerful. They allow us to understand each other. To learn and grow. To inspire or be inspired. They are instrumental in social, emotional and cognitive development.


Most importantly, they connect us. Whether with one another or with fictional worlds, creatures or people, connections create meaningful levels of trust that delivers experiences or service.

Stories are equally as important for marketing.

In the uncertain world we find ourselves living in, stories are a powerful form of escapism. You can harness stories to brighten and inspire people, but also demonstrate experience and proficiency. 


By telling a story and placing your prospective clients or audience at the heart of it, they can be taken on a journey to achieve the results and success they deserve, courtesy of you. They can help to build trust between you and your clients, and create lifelong advocates for your services.

Whether you are looking for a themed attraction narrative, to have a product brought to life through words or short/long form thought leadership pieces, I'd be delighted to help you capture the imagination and build trust with your audience.

I'm a huge fan of coffee, so if you'd ever like to discuss any work or projects you'd like to be brought to life, I'd be more than happy to chat about your needs over one!

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Everyone has a story. Let's tell yours together.



I've worked with

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Gary Abela, 
Gazabela Property Solutions, UK

It has been great working with Dan. He is an excellent communicator, and has provided a very high standard of work. I would definitely recommend his services to others.

Mark Ollterton, Polo Media, Canada

Great service, clear communication I would highly recommend Dan's services!

Emmanuel Logan, Brigham Clean, USA

Phenomenal writer and 10/10. It’s honestly refreshing to work with someone that I don’t have to basically rewrite the whole thing. He understood the vision, the concept and what I was looking for. If his schedule allows it will continue working with him over and over again. Really kind lad and he did a great job. Many thanks!
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